Ashley Cole – Ashley Cole’s Hall of Fame XI

The list of the best football players of the last decade is long and impressive. The list of stars of the Premier League is also impressive, and includes such names as:
* Sadio Mané;
* Cristiano Ronaldo;
* Gareth Bale;
* Zinedine Zidane;

However, the list of football stars is not complete. There are many more players who are worthy of being mentioned, but are not on the list.
Most of the stars of football are not so popular. It is true that there are a lot of people who do not like football, but there are also many fans who love the game.
The main reason for this is the money. Many of the football stars are able to earn millions of pounds, which is enough to buy a house in London or Paris.
There are also a lot more stars on the Premier league that can be called the best of the world.

The best football stars of this decade
The Premier league has a lot to offer. The following are the most interesting football stars:
1. Gareth Bale. The Welshman is a great striker who scores a lot. The main goal for Bale is to score the most goals in the Premier.
2. Cristiano. The Italian striker scored a lot for Juventus. He also has a contract with Real Madrid.
3. Zinedines. The Spanish striker scored for Barcelona.
4. Sergio Aguero. The Argentine striker is a fantastic striker. He is able to score a lot, and also has the contract with Manchester City.
5. Sergio Ramos. The Spaniard is a brilliant goalkeeper.
6. James Rodriguez. The Colombian striker scored many times for the club.
7. Sergio Busquets. The Argentinian striker is able not only to score goals, but also to make assists.
8. Thierry Henry. The Englishman is able score goals and make assists too.
9. Wayne Rooney. The England player is able make assists, and is a good striker.
10. David Silva. The Brazilian striker scored the most for the team.
11. Alexis Sánchez. The Chilean striker scored several times for Manchester City and is able too make assists and goals.
12. Sergio Agüero.
13. Eden Hazard.
14. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
15. Pierre Kounou.
16. James Milner.
17. Riyad Mahrez.
18. Riyah al-Rashad.
19. Keylor Navas.
20. Riyed Mahrez, who is able also to score from open play.
21. Sadio Mane.
22. Sad to say, but the young player is not so good.
23. Sadia El-Munir.
24. Hakim Ziyech.
25. Riyel Gomes.
26. Riyon Bell.
27. Georginio Wijnaldum.
28. N’Golo Kante.
29. Riyab Tarek.
30. Riyal Mkhitaryan.
31. Riyyant Mardi.
32. Riyaf Mkhale.
33. Riyaz Fardok.
34. Riyes Muhamed.
35. Riyas Mnisi.
36. Riyasa Sakho.
37. Riyaw Novak.
38. Riyem Benzema.
39. Riyason Mbia.
40. Riyewolf.
41. Riyce Flores.
42. Riye Halep.
43. Riyeda.
44. Riyadi Al-Quaide.
45. Riyet Voureza.
46. Riyedi Ben Yedder.
47. Riyede Fassi.
48. Riyett Hunt.
49. Riyi Matip.
50. Riyame Bony.
51. Riyamalu.
52. Riyamy.
53. Riyamel.
54. Riyak Mokran.
55. Riyayla.
56. Riyaya.
57. Riyo Konaté.
58. Riyogo main.
59. Riyoko Fofana.
60. Riyokolo.
61. Riyor Keïta.
62. Riyuan.
63. Riyuk.
64. Riyu.
65. Riyus.
66. Riyuz.
67. Riyza.
68. Riyzal.
69. Riyaza.
70. Riyoz.
71. Riyoboro.
72. Riyoba.
73. Riyobi.
74. Riyombo.
75. Riyona.
76. Riyoa.
77. Riyola.
78. Riyolu.

Best football players
The following football players are the best in the world:
• Sadio;
• Bale;
• Ronaldo; Zinedin; Zid.

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