Best ten goals of February 2017!

The new year has come and gone, and it has already brought a lot of unexpected results. This is especially true for the football world, where the teams have been gradually changing their positions.
The most interesting and unexpected results of the new year can be divided into three main categories:
1. New clubs.
2. New players.
3. New formations.
We’ll focus on the first two categories in this article.
New clubs
The main surprise of the New Year for the fans was the appointment of the coach of the club, who has been in charge of the team for a few years. This was the case with the appointment by the club of Zinedine Zidane, who managed to bring the team to the first place in the EPL.
However, the main surprise was the fact that the team has not been able to achieve the desired result for a long time. The main problem of the French team is the lack of motivation. The team’s performance in the international arena has not improved, and the team”s results in the domestic arena are not so good, too.
It is worth noting that the French national team has a good chance of getting into the Champions League zone, but it is not easy to achieve this. The club’sthe main problem is the fact the coach has not yet been ableto find the right solution for the team.

The club”ssome problems with the transfer policy, as well as the lackof motivation, have led to the factthat the team is not able to demonstrate its best game. This has led to its relegation to the EFL Championship.
In the new season, the club will try to get into the top-4, but this will be very difficult.
Another surprise of this year was the departure of the main star of the previous season, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese left the club for a huge amount of money, and this was the main reason for the club“s relegation.
This season, Manchester United is the main contender for the title. The Red Devils are the main favorite of the English Premier League, and they are also considered one of the best teams in the world.
Despite the fact they have a lot to prove, the team managed to demonstrate a good game in the Europa League. The previous season the team lost to the team of Benfica, but in the new one they are much stronger.
You can always follow the results of Manchester United on the website of sports statistics. Here you can find the latest information about the team and its performance.
New players
The second most surprising result of the season was the signing of the young Brazilian, Fred. The player has a lot in common with Cristiano, and he is able to play on the left side of the midfield.
He is ableto score a lot, as he managed to score 7 goals in the season. The signing of this player is a good sign for the Red Devils, who are still considered one the main favorites of the Premier League.
There are also some other players who have already shown their potential. For example, the young German, Max Kruse, who is able of playing on the right side of midfield. The young player managed to get 6 goals in his first season.
If the team manages to get a good result in the Champions league, then it will be able to challenge the main clubs of the Epl.
Manchester United has a great chance to get to the Champions club. The coach has a long bench, which allows him to make changes in the middle of the game.
Moreover, the Red devils are able to use the transfer market, which is another good sign of the progress of the squad.
The team is also able to make a lot from the transfer of players, which has allowed them to get the desired results.
Next season, it is expected to see a lot more changes in Manchester United. The players are ready to demonstrate their best game, and we will see whether they can do it.
Main results of Bundesliga
The Bundesliga is the second most popular football tournament in Germany. The tournament is held every year, and there are a lot events in the tournament.
One of the most interesting events of the tournament is the draw of the matches. The draw of matches is held on the last weekend of February.
Of course, there are also other important events in this tournament, but the draw is always an interesting event.
For example, in the draw, there is a match between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. The first match ended in a draw, but Bayern managed to win the second match.
Borussia Dortmund was the first team to win in the Bundesliga, and Bayern was the last team to get this victory.
During the draw the teams were playing against each other, and a lot was expected from the teams. The teams were able to show their best football, and Borussia managed to do this.
Also, the draw was a good opportunity to see the new players of the teams, and you can always find the results on the site of sports analytics.
Bayern Munich was able to win because of the following reasons:
· high level of the players. The squad of Bayern is able not only to score goals, but also to make good passes.

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