Guardiola has been given a €150 million transfer budget for Man City

Guardiola has been given a €150 million transfer budget for Man City, which is the highest amount of money the club has ever spent. The club’s management has already spent a lot of money on the summer, so it is obvious that they are looking for a new goalkeeper.

The main goal of the new signing is to become the main goalkeeper of the team. The previous goalkeeper, David de Gea, left the club, which means that the club needs a new one. The new goalkeeper will have to be able to play in the number 10 position, which will allow the club to have a good goalkeeper lineup.
The team’ goal is to win the Premier League title, which should be enough for the new goalkeeper to get into the starting lineup. The main goal is for the club”s new goalkeeper not to be the main one of the lineups.
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Man City’ Goalkeeper Prospects
The new goalkeeper of Manchester City, David De Gea was a good choice for the team, as he was able to show good results. The goalkeeper was able not only to save the ball, but also to make a good save. The fact that the goalkeeper was not the main goal keeper of the club is not a problem, as the team needs a goalkeeper who will be able not to miss a single goal.
It is worth noting that the team has a new signing who is able to become a good replacement for the previous goalkeeper. The player is the young Spanish goalkeeper, Marc Wilmots. The young goalkeeper has already managed to show a good game, which allowed him to get a good contract. The contract will be valid for five years, so the club will not have to pay a lot for the player.
Manchester City is a club that is always trying to improve its lineup. This is why the new player will be a good addition to the team” s lineup. Now, the club can focus on the Premier league title, as it has a good lineup and the goalkeeper is the main priority.
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Main Intrigues of Manchester United
The club has a lot going for it, as its main goal in the current season is to get to the Champions League zone. The team has already shown that it is able not just to win, but to do it quickly. The current season has shown that the Red Devils have a very good squad, which allows them to compete against the best teams in the world.
In the current campaign, the team showed a good performance in the domestic arena, which has allowed it to get closer to the main favorites of the tournament. The Red Devils are the main contender for the title, but they have a long way to go, as they need to win in the Champions league zone.
At the moment, the main intrigue of the season is the performance of the young team. It is worth highlighting the fact that this season, the Red devils have a number of young players who have already managed not only not to get injured, but who have also managed to get better.
Among the main players of the current team, the following players are worth highlighting:
* James McCarthy;
* Anthony Martial;
* Alexis Sanchez;
If the team does not have enough players in the starting line-up, it is still possible that the young players will be the ones who will help the team to get close to the leaders.
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Where to Find All Football Results
The football season has already ended, and the fans of the game are already looking forward to the new season. The fans are looking forward not only for the fight for the champion title, because the Red team is also ready to fight for a place in the Europa League zone, as long as it is not the first one.
There is a good chance that the fight will be won by the team from the United States, which was the main favorite of the Champions Cup. The American team has not been able to win a trophy in the tournament, which shows that the fans are ready to give their all to see their team win the most prestigious club tournament in the Old World.
One of the main goals of the American team is to qualify for the Champions club zone. In order to achieve this, the American players need to be in the top three of the standings, which can be achieved if the team will be in a good shape.
This summer, the United team has been very active, which led to a good number of transfers. Among the most notable of them are:
1. Diego Costa;
2. James “ Mbappe ” Conte;
3. Anthony Martial.
All these transfers will allow Manchester United to get the best possible lineup, which in turn will allow it to fight against the main contenders for the championship.

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