How to properly evaluate the market value of Messi and Ronaldo – statistics

The summer transfer market has brought a lot of interesting players to the football world. The main stars of the season were Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. The Portuguese has already managed to win the Ballon d’Or and is now in the top 5 of the all-time leaders. Messi, on the other hand, has managed to reach the top 4 of the leaders in the La Liga standings.

The Spanish player has already scored over 100 goals in a season. He has already won the Champions League and the Super Cup. Now, the Argentine is one of the main contenders for the Golden Boot.
The main thing that distinguishes Messi from the rest is his skills on the field. He is able to make the most of the mistakes of the opponent and score the goal. The best example of this is the match against Manchester City. The Citizens were the main contender for the title, but the Argentine managed to score the decisive goal.
In order to properly assess the market price of the players, it is necessary to take into account the following factors:
1. Individual skills of the player.
2. Individual statistics of the team.
3. Team statistics.
4. Competition in the domestic and international arenas.
It is also important to take the context of the current season into account. The current season is the most intense in the history of the Champions’ League. The first matches of the new season have already shown that the main rival of Barcelona is the German team of Bayern.
If we look at the statistics of Messi’s and Ronaldo’scontrol, we can conclude that the Portuguese is the main candidate for the winner of the Golden Ball. He scored over 50 goals in the Champions league and was the main star of the Portuguese national team. Ronaldo also managed to qualify for the final of the King of Cups.
You can always find the latest news on the market of football players on the website of sports statistics. Here, you will find the results of all matches of top European championships.
What to look for in the market for Messi and Cristiano?
The best example for the price of Messi is the Champions’ League. In the first rounds, the Portuguese player managed to get into the first position. However, he lost the position in the second round.
At the time of the match, the Citizens were not the main competitor of Barcelona. However the team was very weak in the match. The following factors were responsible for the loss of the position:
* Messi was tired from the previous matches;
* The match was held at the neutral stadium;
• The match day was cancelled.
After the match the fans of the Citizens celebrated with a special mood. They were very happy, because they had a new champion in their hands.
However, the price for the Portuguese was very high. The price of Cristiano was even higher. The player is worth more than 100 million dollars. It is worth noting that the price was not the only reason for the defeat. The most important reason was the bad match.
This is the reason why the price is so high. However we should not forget that the player was the best player of the Spanish national team for many years.
As for Ronaldo, the main thing is his individual skills. He can make the best of the most serious mistakes of his opponent. The Spanish player is able not only to score a goal, but also to make a good pass.
Thus, the market is full of interesting stars. It can be a player, a team, a league, or a tournament. The website of the sports statistics offers the results from the matches of all championships. The information is updated in real time.
How to find the most interesting matches?
In the current football season, the matches are very intense. The top teams are fighting for the gold medals. The fans of each club expect the best result from their favorite.
Now, it’ssimple to find out the most intriguing matches. It’suplooking for the first place in the EPL. The new season promises to be really interesting. The teams have a lot to do in order to get to the Champions Cup final.
There are a lot more matches in the current campaign. The competition in the Premier League is also very intense, but it is not the best league in the world. It has a lot less teams and the teams have to play against each other for a long time. The Premier League has a good number of interesting matches.
One of the best examples of this are the matches between Manchester United and Liverpool. The Red Devils and the Merseysiders have a long history. The team was founded in 1888. The previous season, they lost the final match against Liverpool.
Liverpool is a really strong team. The Merseysides have a good squad and the players are able to show their maximum. The Reds have a great goalkeeper in Pepe Reina. The goalkeeper of the Mersey club is a great asset for the team and his performance is really impressive.
Manchester United is another team that is able fight for the champion title. The club is very strong and has a great number of players. The players of the Red Devils are able not to give up. They are able, for example, to score goals from distance.

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