The most beautiful basketball goals

The most beautiful basketball goals of the season

The season of the NBA has come to its end. The main event of the last season was the final match of the Golden State. The team of the Warriors was defeated by the Cleveland Cavaliers, who was led by LeBron James. The final match was held in the arena of the National Basketball Association in the United States.
The main goal of the team of LeBron James was to win the NBA title. The player of the Cavaliers, however, managed to win only the third title of the club. The previous two were won by the Lakers and the Celtics.
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The most important thing for the fans is the fact that they can watch the games of the teams of the best players. The most popular teams of this season were the Lakers, the Celtics, and the Warriors. The latter won the most matches, and at the end of the championship they won the gold medals.
In the last game of the regular season, the Lakers were defeated by Houston Rockets. The game was very tense, and it was clear that the Rockets were going to win. The first half of the game was dominated by the Rockets, who managed to score only 7 points. However, the second half of this confrontation was very interesting, and in the end the Lakers managed to get the victory.
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Why is it important to watch the NBA finals?
The final match between the Lakers was very important for the club, because it was the first time that LeBron James left the team. The last season of James’ career was very successful, and he won the NBA champion title, the NBA Finals MVP, and many other trophies.
However, the last time he played in the finals was not successful for the team, because the Lakers lost to the Golden state. This time, the team has a new coach, and this will be the main task of the coach of the Lakers. The new coach is Mike Krzyzewski, who has already managed to improve the results significantly.
Krzyzniak has already changed the attitude of the players, who are now more active on the floor. The result of the final game was the following:
1. The Lakers managed not to lose the final ball.
2. The ball was in the hands of the Rockets only 1:20 before the final whistle.
3. The score was 6:6.
4. The Rockets did not get a single point in the last 2 minutes of the match.
5. The distance of the ball was 10 meters.
6. The time of the first shot was 2 seconds.
7. The length of the shot was 0.5 meter.
8. The height of the player was 0,9 meters. The players were able to make the shot.
9. The shot was made by LeBron.
10. The rebound was made in the second round.
11. The next shot was a three.
12. The third shot was an elbow.
13. The fourth shot was the winning basket.
14. The fifth shot was from the left corner.
15. The sixth shot was by the center.
16. The seventh shot was in a row.
17. The eighth shot was with the help of the defender.
18. The ninth shot was on the left side.
19. The tenth shot was to the left of the free throw line.
20. The 11th shot was at the right side.
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How to follow basketball results on
The basketball season has come and gone. It was a very intense and exciting tournament, where the main goal was to reach the final.
This year, the number of finals was increased, and they are:
• basketball finals of the Eurocup;
• basketball finals between the champions of the European League and the Champions League;
· the basketball finals in the Champions league.
All the finals were held in different parts of the world. In the end, the main winner of the tournament was the Goldenstate Warriors.
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What are the most interesting games of this year?
This season, it was very difficult to choose the most exciting games, because there were so many of them. The following are the best games of 2018:
· basketball finals;
o between the champion of the EPL and the champion in the Euroleague;
o basketball finals, which was held between the team from the Champions club and the team that won the European Cup.

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