The best goals in the Spanish Super Cup!

The season of the Spanish La Liga has come to an end, and the final match of the season was the decisive match of Real Madrid against Barcelona. The final of the tournament was a real test for the team, because the previous match was a failure. The team was not able to finish in the top four, and this failure was the reason for the departure of the players from the team.
The team was led by Zinedine Zidane, who was the best coach of the team in the last season. The Frenchman managed to get the team to the Champions League zone, and he managed to do it with the team’s players.
In the match against Barcelona, the team was quite weak, and it was not possible to finish the match in the first place. The match was won by the Catalans by a score of 2:0.

The final match was quite tense, because in the previous matches Real Madrid had lost to Barcelona. This time the Catalons had a lot of chances to win, but the team did not show its best game.
However, the match was not without its problems. The first half was quite difficult, but in the second half the team managed to score a few goals. The most important one was a goal scored by Zidaniel, who scored the ball from the penalty area.
This goal was a great surprise for the fans, because for a long time the fans had expected a goal from the Spanish player.
All the best goals of the final of La Liga
The fans of the club are quite excited about the final, because they have not seen such a tense and exciting match for a while. The fans have been waiting for this match for several years, and they were not disappointed.
Of course, the first goal of Zidano was a surprise to the fans. The player scored a penalty kick, and then he shot the ball into the goal. The goal was scored by a player who has not scored a goal for Real Madrid for a very long time.
After the goal, Zidanos team was really tense. The players were not able not to lose the ball, and Zidaniaz managed to make a couple of mistakes. However, the players were able to recover and finish the game with a score.
Real Madrid had a few chances to score, but they were all missed. The main problem of the Catalonians was the lack of motivation. The previous season, the Catalonian team was the favorite of the championship, but this time the team has not been able to show its maximum.
Zidano’stime of the best players of Real
The main star of the Real Madrid team is ZinedinedineZidane. The Spanish player managed to lead the team for several seasons, and now he is the best player of the Madrid club.
It is really difficult to choose a player from the world of football for the title of the main star. However the fans have chosen Zidanian, who is able to give the team a lot.
He is able not only to score goals, but also to make the team work. The coach of Real has been able not just to get Zidan to the top, but to get him to the first position in the list of the most beautiful football players. The list of players that are able to get a place in the best team of the world is really long.
Among the best football players of the last seasons, we can name the following players:
· Zinedin Alcacer
· Zinedan Almanza
· Sergio Ramos
· Cristiano Ronaldo
· Lionel Messi
· David Beckham
· Thierry Henry
· Wayne Rooney
· Frank Lampard
· Jurgen Klopp
· Josep Guardiola
· Arsène Wenger
· Pep Guardiola
This list is not limited to the Spanish championship, because there are many other football players who are able not so well to get into the list.
These football players are able because of their good skills and their good looks. They are able, because of this, to get to the list that is the most popular among fans.
Fans have already chosen the best goal of the match of Zinedina Zidana. The best goal was the one of the goalkeeper, who saved the ball and then made a good save.
There were several chances for the Catalan team to score in the match, but Real Madrid managed to finish it in the third place.
You can always find the results of the matches of the Champions league on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find the information about the results, as well as the statistics of the games.
Live football scores of the English Premier League
The English Premier league is the strongest football league in the world. It is not surprising, because it is the championship of the country that is famous for its football.
Every season, there is a lot to talk about, because every season there are a lot changes in the standings. However this season, it has been quite tense for the teams.
Liverpool and Manchester City were the main favorites of the previous season. However they have lost a lot, and so they have been kicked out of the elite of the Premier league.

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